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Getting back on the wagon

I started this blog as a way to write down my thoughts and important happenings about my life. It quickly turned into a way for me to keep track of my weight loss progress and share recipes that I’ve enjoyed. Well, two years ago, I stopped doing weight watchers, and tried to live life healthily. Then a lot of crud went down, and hubs and I both fell off the wagon. I gained all the weight I lost back, plus a bunch. We’ve both been feeling pretty lousy lately, so last week I took the first step to a better life by signing up for weight watchers again.

They have a new system now called Smart Points. So far it seems similar to before (I don’t remember much other than Points Plus, which are now Smart Points). My weigh-ins are now on Sundays, so look for that tag soon. Having this blog helped me so much last time, and kept me accountable for my actions. This go around, I’m setting goals (with monetary rewards) and I have my wonderful husband to do this with me.

So, for old time sake, I’ll post my weight lost (I did a weigh-in on Sunday) so far.

Total Weight Lost: 2.5 pounds

It’s the small things that matter sometimes. See you soon,


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