Eat My Chucks

Happy Halloween!

It’s Halloween! I hope everyone’s day is spooky and scary and down right awesome! This will be my first year not dressing up (oh well – there’s always next year!)

I am super excited for tomorrow! It will be my first day back at the main office (I’ve been contracting at a different place for over a year now!) I will be working with some amazing people to help me grow as a developer. I know it’s only one day a week, but it will be the best day of the week!

Since it’s Halloween, I hope you’ll enjoy some of my holiday favorites!

mummy-jarsSome adorable mummy jars! How cute are these guys?

poppins-costumeCutest couples costume ever! If only I could convince Steve to do this with me. Also, photo is from one of the cutest blogs ever!


Doesn’t this look amazing! I definitely need to try and make this soon!

Well I hope you all have an amazing Halloween! Get lots of candy and cause some chaos! See you next time!


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