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Home Love: Black Pipe Shelving

Hi EMC’ers!

I told you I’d add a semi-how to on our Black-pipe book shelves! Well, today’s that day!

In our house, we have an L-shaped family room. For the most part, we haven’t used the area to the right because it was fairly awkward shaped, and we just couldn’t think of anything cool to do with it. Originally, we were planning on adding a bar and seating area, but we were afraid it would be too bulky and stick out from the rest of the room. Queue the idea for adding shelving.

Now, I’ve been dying to add black-pipe shelves somewhere in the house! We were planning on making a TV stand out of black-pipe, but we went with a pallet wall TV stand instead (remind me to do an updated house tour!). So back in December, we came up with a plan do add shelving to our little alcove thingy. Since this area is U-shaped, we decided to add shelving to every wall in the alcove. On the far right side, the half wall shelf was only seven inches deep, so that wall became our movie and video game wall! We added two six foot shelves and one smaller shelf at the top. So far, 3 of the 4 shelves are occupado!

On the middle wall, we have a window that’s off-center. The half wall shelf on this wall is nine inches deep, so this became our textbook/schoolbook wall, along with our classic novel collection. So far, theses shelves are the most scarce, but it’s getting there.

Our last wall, the one on the left, was the one we got do do a lot of work on. This wall doesn’t have a half wall shelf, so we added shelves to the entire wall. I wanted the spacing to vary between the shelves so that we could spread out smaller books and larger books, as well as have a place to store our records and record player.

Almost done!

What we used:

  • 42 – 3″ flanges for 1/2″ pipe15534840_1839240236332282_2685411182084358144_n
  • 38 – 1/2″ t-shaped couples
  • 81 – 1/2″ black pipe, various sizes
  • 19 – 1/2″ black pipe caps
  • 4 – 10′ x 12″ quality board (Menards)
  • 1 – 6′ x 12″ board
  • 3 – 6′ x 9″ boards
  • 3 – 6′ x 6″ boards
  • Kona Wood Stain (rustoleum)
  • Glossy Clear Coat (rustoleum)

For the shelves themselves, we used two t-shaped couples to create a sort of base for the shelf to sit on. Then we used the flanges to attach the shelves to the wall so that the shelves would be permanent and not free-floating. We drilled holes into the wood large enough for the black pipe to go through to help keep the shelf secure.

So far, this has been my favorite project at the house. I’m in love with the way these shelves look, and I can’t wait to fill them up! I hope this inspired you as much as it has me! See you next time,


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