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How to: Tie-dye

Hey everyone! I hope everyone had a great weekend! Mine was spent sleeping, reading, and tie-dying! That’s not an error folks. I got to tie-dye this weekend for the first time in years! Why, you might ask? Because I am a team captain for the Boobkateers! We are walking for breast cancer at the end of the month (go here to be awesome and donate!) And because we have such an awesome name, we needed awesome shirts!

So Saturday night at 10 o’clock, Steve and I were tie-dying. And I’m here to give those of you that haven’t done it in a long time a quick recap!

Step 1: Rubber band it up!


Don’t mind my pasty white legs! Just take the shirt, wrap it and band it. Easy as that!

Step 2: Dye it!


I used Tulip bright pink (two packs) with half cup of salt since I was using cotton t-shirts. You soak it for 15 minutes, moving the shirts around constantly, and then let it sit for 45 minutes.

Step 3: Wash and dry it!


Run it through the wash with warm water, then dry normally.

Step 4: Name it!


You can’t do a breast cancer walk without boob names! Mine is Boob-a-rang!

Step 5: Embarrass Steve


Nothing like making Steve wear a bright pink shirt! That’s it. It was super easy to do, it just took a little time. It helped that Mars Attacks! was on at midnight, so we just watched that while we waited for the shirts to dry. Hope this was helpful! Now go out and tie dye some shirts! 🙂


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