Losing Steam

Hello, hello

I’m not sure if it’s just this semester, or if we’re losing steam, but it has been rough keeping things going. So far, we’ve got all the flooring down upstairs, we’ve primed and plastered most of the dining room, and the fireplace is almost finished. 

We’ve still got a lot of work to do, and hopefully we won’t have any more disasters like last month! We’ve both been so busy keeping up with homework and exams that by the end of the day, we’ve been too tired to do anything. So, in an attempt to keep things going, we’ve decided to do one house thing a day.

Even if it’s something as small as taping the dining room so we can start painting. Everything that we have left to do is relatively small (except for maybe plastering the ceilings), but they all take time to do. So every day, one thing gets checked off the list.

I’ve also noticed that a lot depends on the completion of another thing. For example, we need to paint… everything! But we can’t paint until all the walls are finished being plastered, and all the holes are patched… And we can’t put the moulding up until we finish painting. See? Everything is connected, which is making it hard to do things. Plastering takes time; you have to let it dry and sand and possibly add another coat. 

I’m about to rip my hair out! It’s starting to get hard, and I’m hoping we’ll get a second wind here soon so we can finally finish. Wish us luck!



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