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Murphy & Mouse / Life Update

Hi EMC’ers!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, so I figured an M&M update was in order! (Who doesn’t love seeing the poochies!)

Little Miss Mouse is now a whopping 105 pounds, 32 inches tall (at the shoulder) and 19 months old! It still seems like last week when we brought her home.  I also can’t believe that Murphy will be 3 YEARS OLD next month! He’s definitely been acting like the grumpy old man lately haha!


Other life updates. Let’s see. We’ve added black pipe shelving to our family room (I’ll try to post pictures of that project!). We are halfway done with our coffee bar. Shelves for that will be coming soon. Right now, we’re focusing on some much needed spring cleaning in our garage and pantry!

Oh, and finally after 2 and a half years and FOUR requests, we have received our free recycling bin from Rizzo/GFL! This has been a battle since we moved in and finally that battle is over!

I’ll be trying to add more content.. I know I’ve been saying that a lot but I think now more than ever I need an outlet to use as a way of relaxing (that isn’t binge watching Grey’s Anatomy or Gilmore Girls!). See you soon,


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