Reno updates

Hey EMC’ers!

Well, we’ve hit a little bit of a road bump. I came home the other day to a waterfall starting in the upstairs bathroom, ending in the downstairs family room. It turns out that Mr. Murphy decided to chew through the rubber piping behind the toilet while we were at work. 

We’ve been waiting a couple of days for the ceiling to dry out, and it looks like we got lucky. The ceilings aren’t sagging, and we only had to rip out a couple sections. I’m told that these are easily replaceable. At least, that’s what Handy Hubs says. We also had to rip up some of the plaster on the staircase (all the way down to bare drywall), but again….. fixable. 

Our saving grace was the fact that we hadn’t put in the new lighting yet. The open holes let most of the water drain out of, so there wasn’t much standing water trapped in the ceiling. This also gives us a reason to change the lights, and add two more! So I guess some good came out of this. Hopefully that’s it for surprises… Home ownership is turning out to be real fun.


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