Summer BBQ’s!

Hi all!

I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend. This past weekend reminded me of the joys of Summer BBQ’s! We recently bought a new charcoal grill, and were finally able to test it out on Friday. It grills like a dream!

We had family over for a barbecue on Sunday, and it get me thinking of all the fun BBQ menu’s available out there! I thought I would share my Summer BBQ Must haves with all of you!


I don’t know about you, but I have a husband that loves to snack while grilling. Usually he’s fine with nuts and chips, but what fun are those? My favorite go to appetizer is layered bean dip. It’s so easy to make, and tastes delicious! If jalapenos look good, we’ll make a batch of jalapeno poppers and put them on the grill. They turn out so good that way! If you’re short on time, ham and pickle roll-ups are a family favorite – just spread cream cheese on a piece of ham, place a thin slice of dill pickle on one side, and roll it up. Quick, simple and yummy! Play around with the cream cheese and filling (try green onion!) to make it fancy.


What’s a BBQ without beans and cornbread? Those are a staple in our BBQ menu. We keep it simple by using Bush’s beans, and GFS has an amazing corn bread bake that is always a crowd-pleaser. Beyond that, we try to include Hubs’ homemade coleslaw and either a potato salad or a tomato-cucumber-onion salad. If it’s later in the summer, we’ll pull out some fresh Corn on the Cob from my dad’s garden.


Now this is the fun part. Standard BBQ fare include hamburgers and hot dogs, right? We always include one of those, but mix in another one or two meats for the adventurous! Our favorite meats are Ribs, BBQ chicken or chicken wings, steak, or a mix of chicken and steak kabobs! If we’re doing vegetarian that week, we’ll throw on a couple of veggie kabobs and black bean burgers.


I love baking (maybe a little too much). I also love the standard S’more! A BBQ wouldn’t be complete without a camp fire, and making some fun alteration of the classic S’More. My go to’s:  use a cookie in place of graham crackers, or a Reese’s peanut butter cup in place of the chocolate. How good does that sound right about now? No time or place for a campfire? Try a mixed berry cobbler. Super simple to make, and really good when you serve it with some vanilla or strawberry ice cream!

This has gotten me so hungry! I can’t wait for our next BBQ. I hope you’ll find this post inspiring. Now get out there and grill!


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